McDANIEL & ANDERSON, L.L.P. have handled claims and lawsuits involving various types of construction defect claims, including the following:

  • Inadequate expansion joints in driveway.
  • Inadequate or improperly spaced anchor bolts.
  • Improperly blocked rafters.
  • Improperly notched rafters.
  • Omitted hurricane clips.
  • Improper roof felt application.
  • Improper shingle nailing pattern.
  • Improper installation of roofing insulation boards.
  • Improper fastening of roofing insulation boards.
  • Improper clamping of roof drains.
  • Inadequate back wrapping of EIFS mesh.
  • Absence of head and sill flashing.
  • Improper attachment of EIFS insulation board.
  • Absence of EIFS expansion joints.
  • Application of EIFS finish coat into caulk joint spaces.
  • Failure to caulk wall penetrations.
  • Improper sizing of EIFS caulk joint spaces.
  • Absence of flashing and end dams in store front glazing.
  • Absence of fire-rated glazing required by location of adjacent building.
  • Absence of fire-rated glazing on interior doors.
  • Improper doors and glazing between garage and interior of house.
  • Absence of through-wall flashing to masonry veneer.
  • Improper location of weep holes.
  • Improper and excessive mortar joints, inadequate air gap.
  • Improper location of penetrations in light gage steel.
  • Omission of web stiffeners in light gage steel.
  • Improper stairway riser height variations.
  • Improper stairwell railings.
  • Improper location of lighting for stairwells.
  • Inadequate rafter support for masonry chimney veneer on top of framed roof.
  • Failure to install drain pain under water heater.
  • Inadequate anchoring of certain wall sill plates.
  • Inadequate anchoring of sheer walls.
  • Untempered glass at hazardous locations.
  • Improper location of exterior stair light switch.
  • Improperly sized excess opening.
  • Improper spacing of load-bearing piers.
  • Inadequate sized joists for live loads.
  • Inadequate bracing of roof trusses during truss installation.
  • Inadequate barricades for elevated masonry work.
  • Improper assembly of stringers for scaffold jacks.
  • Improperly sized seals for water closets.
  • Failure to install GFCI devices at hazardous areas.
  • Electrical Code violations causing explosions, fire, property damage and death.

McDANIEL & ANDERSON, L.L.P. has experience with the following:

  • N. C. Building Code.
  • General conditions.
  • Special conditions.
  • Specifications.
  • Plan sheets.
  • Details.
  • Shop drawings.
  • Change orders.
  • Builders’ Risk Coverage.
  • Bond claims.
  • Commercial General Liability coverage.
  • Additional Insured coverage.
  • OSHA regulations.
  • Various NFPA rules.
  • Various NEC rules.

McDANIEL & ANDERSON, litigation hashandled cases involving moisture problems and other alleged construction defects in over 100 houses, condos, apartments, institutional and commercial buildings.

McDANIEL & ANDERSON, L.L.P. is presently defending a contractor in the pending West Pharmaceutical Services Kinston Plant explosion and fire lawsuit.

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