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L. Bruce McDaniel
William E. Anderson

Representative Cases Handled by Mr. McDaniel

Many of Bruce McDaniel’s major cases have been reported. See link to Reported Cases. Other representative cases include the following:

Williams et al v. Columbia Bank for Cooperatives, et al, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA, RALEIGH DIVISION, representing approximately 2,000 debenture holders of FCX after it declared bankruptcy; obtained jury verdict of $10 Million against officers, directors and lending institutions, (later set aside on post-trial motions).

Romig et al v. Jefferson-Pilot Life Ins. Co., Guilford County, involving alleged premium overcharges by life insurer; settled after appeal (see Reported Cases) for total settlement worth in excess of $44 Million.

Abe, et al. v. Westview Capital, L.L.C., et al., Wake County, representing investors in protracted jury trial against investment company resulting in $600,000 jury verdict (see related reported cases arising from pre-trial motions.)

Kincheloe v. Leeds Group, et al., Wake County, represented business partner in land development project, recovery of $250,000.00.

Representation of numerous individuals and corporations in everyday matters involving business, such as contracts, debts, partner and/or shareholder dissatisfaction or other problems with business associates.

Representation of numerous individuals in securities arbitrations involving loss of value of investments arising from broker negligence, misconduct and/or inappropriate type of investments.

Representation of investors and/or shareholders in present or recent class action lawsuits such as AAIPharma, Blue Rhino, Krispy Kreme, Red Hatt, and Wachovia/First Union merger.

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Representative Cases Handled by Mr. Anderson

Cases that are resolved through post-trial motions, settlement or trial are frequently not “reported” as they are not appealed. Significant cases Bill Anderson is presently handling or has handled include the following:

Edwards, et al. v. Rockwell Automation, Inc., et al., Wake County, multi-party wrongful death and personal injury action by employees at West Pharmaceutical Plant in Kinston, N.C., catastrophic explosion and fire, damages presently uncertain, estimated in the range of $50 million 100 million.

Kornegay v. General Motors Corporation, et al., Wake County, represented automobile dealer in SUV roll-over case, where plaintiff demanded $7 Million.

Hanes v. North State Mechanical, et al., Onslow County, represented driver and owner in multi-vehicle MVA involving serious personal injuries and demand in excess of $1 Million.

Flood, Adm. v. Sandy, et al., Bertie County, representing driver and owner in wrongful death claim arising from motor vehicle accident, plaintiffs claiming $500,000.

American Home Assurance Co. v. Rojanatavorn, et al., Wake County, representing subcontractor in multi-party construction defects case with alleged damages in excess of $1 Million.

State Board of Education v. Ross-Markham, Inc., et al., Wake County, represented contractor in construction defects case, with alleged damages close to $1 Million.

Board of Governors of UNC v. R.K. Stewart, et al., Durham County, multi-party construction defects case involving mold and repair claims at NCCU dormitories (in conjunction with John Kirby) with estimated damages in excess of $2 million.

Dawkins, et al. v. Hamlet, et al., Richmond County, representing municipality in Hamlet, N.C., Imperial Foods Products chicken plant fire case involving 26 wrongful deaths and approximately 75 personal injury claims; related case involving other parties reported at 347 N.C. 473; 495 S.E.2d 711 (1998).

Taylor, Admr, et al. v. Bridgestone/Firestone, Johnston County, representing electrical and welding subcontractor in two wrongful death cases with demands totaling in excess of $6 Million, arising out of explosion at Bridgestone/Firestone tire production facility in Wilson, N.C. , reported as to other parties still in case after our successful motion for summary judgment as to one party and settlement with another party, at 144 N.C. App. 503, 548 S.E.2d 807 (2001).

L’Tanya Davis, Adm. v. JMX Incorporated, et al., Durham County, and related cases; representing truck driver and trucking company in multi-vehicle accident involving 8 wrongful deaths, 12 personal injuries, 5 property damage claims filed in approximately 15 separate lawsuits, with total damages claimed in excess of $10 Million; related cases reported at 352 N.C. 662; 535 S.E.2d 356 (See Reported Cases.)

Murphey v. Georgia-Pacific Corp., Robeson County, representing electrician who received severe burns in high voltage switch gear arc and fault. (See Reported Cases as well.)

McDonald’s Corp. v. Ratley Construction, et al., Wake County, representing subcontractor in construction defects claims in two civil actions arising out of over 100 McDonald’s Restaurants in North and South Carolina, with total claims in excess of $10 Million.

Jones v. Norfolk Southern Railway, et al., and Gales v. Norfolk Southern Railway, et al., Davidson County, representing property owner where excavation contractor collided with railway locomotive, resulting in wrongful death, personal injuries, and property damage, with demands in excess of $5 Million.

Sheffield, Executrix v. Blue Wing Courier, Inc., et al., Wake County, representing driver and owner in wrongful death claim in excess of $1 Million arising out of vehicle motor vehicle accident.

Whitson, Admr. v. Foundry, et al., Avery County, representing foundry in wrongful death accident claim in excess of $2 Million, where grate fragment was broken by vehicular traffic, went airborne, passed through window and entered plaintiff’s brain.

McCrae v. Direct Express, Cumberland County, representing driver in trucking company in motor vehicle wrongful death and personal injury action involving claims in excess of $7 Million.

Shaw, Admr. v. Paving Co., Chatham County, defending paving company in case arising out of claimed edge drop-off cause of loss of control of vehicle resulting in wrongful death; claim of approximately $1 Million; obtained mistrial via hung jury and settled reasonably.

Obeid v. Lightning Bolt Services Unlimited, et al., Pitt County, representing driver and owner in personal injury claim arising out of motor vehicle accident; obtained jury verdict of “no negligence” although defendant driver failed to stop at stop sign; successfully defended verdict on appeal.

Springston and Davis v. Henry, et al., Carteret County, representing roof truss supplier in personal injury action involving collapse of roof trusses on airport hangar during construction.

Hyde v. Ford Motor Co., et al., Cumberland County, representing dealer in SUV roll-over case involving serious personal injuries.

S.K. Anderson Construction, Inc. v. Lowell, et al., New Hanover County, representing carrier in construction defects case involving construction of office building.

BE&K Construction Co. v. United Insulation Co., et al., New Hanover County, representing carrier in insurance coverage defense arising out of personal injury claim, involving issues of certificates of insurance and additional insureds.

Pennsylvania National Mutual Insurance Co. v. Mercer, et al., U.S. District Court, Eastern District, representing carrier in declaratory judgment action involving underinsured motorist insurance coverage.

Homeowner’s Assoc. v. Pope and Pope Corporation, et al., Brunswick County, representing developer in multi-party construction cases involving claims in excess of $5 Million.

Windjammer Condominiums Homeowner’s Association v. J.M. Massey & Associates, Inc., et al., Brunswick County, representing developer in multi-party construction defects case alleging damages in excess of $5 Million.

Estate of Norman N. Strickland v. Johnson, Johnston County, representing carrier in underinsured motorist carrier in serious personal injury (and wrongful death) claim.

Everette Grant, Admr. v. Hartley’s Ready Mix, et al., Forsyth County , representing driver in motor vehicle accident wrongful death case with demand exceeding $1 Million.

Leinhart, et al. v. Dryvit Systems, et al., U.S. District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina, Raleigh Division, representing contractors in DEFS class action.

In re: Stucco, N.C. Business Court, Greensboro, N.C., representing applicator in EIFS class action.

Marks v. Carolina Sunrock Corporation, Granville County, representing homeowners alleging damage from blasting at mine quarry.

Moore v. Creedmoor, Granville County, representing municipality in Section 1987 malicious prosecution case.

Doe v. Newton Grove, Wayne County, representing Town in sidewalk slip and fall case.

Swinson v. Town of Mt. Olive, Duplin County, representing Town in claim arising from storm drain flooding.

Outlaw v. City of Roxboro, Person County, representing City in claim arising from motor vehicle accident.

DeSelms v. New Hanover Board of Education, New Hanover County, representing school board in slip and fall case at school.

Doe v. Wake County Board of Education, Wake County, representing school board in connection with electrical burn.

Blanton v. Scotland County Board of Education, Scotland County, representing school board in playground accident case.

Doe v. Hillsborough Police Department, Orange County, representing insurance carrier in connection with wrongful death claim arising out of a high speed case.

Numerous other wrongful death cases and several hundred smaller civil cases involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall claims, dog bite cases, and a variety of types of injury and damage claims.

Several dozen residential and commercial synthetic stucco cases, representing individuals, owners, developers, general contractors, EIFS installers, roofers, in Wake, Durham, Orange, Moore, Mecklenburg, New Hanover, and Brunswick Counties.

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